Olivier’s story

  • olivier-leflaive-enfant


    A new vintage for Anne and Joseph Leflaive in the shape of Olivier, born on 24 March. At the time, the family’s Burgundy estate covered around 20 hectares.

  • 1965

    Business first: Olivier attends the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce business school in Reims and obtains a bachelor’s degree in economics.

  • olivier-leflaive-joue-guitar


    I’d rather have been an artist:
With his degree under his belt, Olivier has no qualms about trading a brilliant career for a bohemian existence in Paris, dashing his father’s hopes for his son by pursuing his passion for music.

    Olivier worked in both TV and radio with his friends from the radio show “Le Petit Conservatoire de Mireille” and trained adults in accountancy in his spare time. He then became a booking agent for Dutch singer-songwriter Dick Annegarn, and French singer Hervé Cristiani as well as for various folk groups, and then a scheduler for French radio station France Inter for shows hosted by Jean-Louis Foulquier and José Arthur.

  • 1974

    The birth of a daughter: Olivia, who melted her daddy’s heart.

  • Julie Leflaive


    In 1979, his second daughter was born: Julie… and his heart melted all over again.

  • puligny-montrachet-bourgogne-france


    A somewhat turbulent year led Olivier to return to Burgundy and his family.

  • Vincent Leflaive

    1982 à 1994

    Olivier becomes co-manager of Domaine Leflaive, along with his uncle Vincent, and later with his cousin Anne-Claude.

  • 1984

    It is a short step from music to wine. Whilst at the helm of Domaine Leflaive, Olivier decides to create his own company to buy in grapes and make wine: Olivier Leflaive Frères.

  • 24 May 1996

    Olivier marries his second wife, Cathy Eloy.

  • Margot Leflaive

    25 July 1997

    Olivier’s third daughter enters the world: Margot, with an “ot” not an “aux” at the end! (Heart melts a third time)

  • 10 August 2007

    At last a son! Valentin is the last of the troupe, and Olivier melts, melts and melts again!

  • 1 April 2010

    He’s no fool: Olivier decides to retire, but still retains very close links to the company, remaining the flag bearer.