The spirit of Olivier Leflaive


Grappe Raisin Bourgogne

Managing every link in the chain

The philosophy of Olivier Leflaive is to produce simply great wines. There are no secrets to this – everything starts in the vines with good grapes. Olivier, Franck and their team are lucky to have strong relationships with some of the best winegrowers on the Côte, people who grow their vines with care and attention.
Futs Chêne Bourgogne

Although the quality of the harvest is key, vinification and ageing also play a major role in bringing out the essence of each appellation. Franck Grux and Philippe Grillet make it their daily task to ensure the quality of the wines and respect for the terroir. As such, the estate’s approach is to treat each cuvée individually.
Vignes Puligny-Montrachet

Careful acquisitions

In a similar way, Olivier has continued to expand his estate since its creation. Running the business means guaranteeing maximum control over the vines. Today, the estate covers some 17 hectares, and is the result of carefully-managed acquisitions over the years.


Solid teamwork

The work of the team reflects the company’s family spirit. A solid core of people have been part of this adventure for many years, which ensures a rigorous approach and constant quest for improvement.


Sophie Davanture, Jean Soubeyrand, Philippe Grillet, Johann Cochut, Julie Leflaive, Franck Grux, Bertrand Guillemaud

Front of house

Inspiring love for Burgundy, Burgundies and Burgundians


Olivier Leflaive’s vocation is not just about making good wine. It is also about bringing a human face to the world of wine and breathing fresh life into it.
Maintaining a personalized and convivial relationship with his clients, taking the time to share the richness, diversity and sensitivity of the world of wine through a complete oeno-touristic immersion from vine to glass – these are some of Olivier Leflaive’s other ambitions.

La Maison and Le Restaurant offer a hedonistic escape to visitors so that in addition to the wines, they can leave with their fill of flavors and memories of their trip to Burgundy.