The word Clous is a closer word to "Clos" (Burgunian variant)

Production area : 18,35 ha
Altitude : 250-300 m


The hillside vineyard, facing due east, divided into two parts of which the lower is clearly the better. There is plenty of clay in the soil but it's friable in nature, so easy to work.
Soil : Calcareous Clay

In the vineyard

Wine-Growing method : Sustainable
Harvest: 100 % manual


At their arrival in our cellar, the grapes are immediately and carefully pressed with a pneumatic press .
100 % destemed grappe
Finning: yes


17 months (whose 5 months in stainless steel tank)
100 % oak barrels (whose 25% of new oak)


Serving temperature : 11-13°C
Should be drunk between 2015 and 2018

Tasting notes

A wine with a fine aromatic intensity of almond, hazelnut, apple and a nice balance between smoothness and freshness on the palate.

Food and wine pairings

Ideal with poultry cooked in white sauce and blue cheese.

Alcohol content



Chardonnay : 100 %